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PRIM no. 3 bouquet

PRIM no. 3 bouquet

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Beautiful cool tones and hues of purple, blue, and cream all swirl together to make up our PRIM no. 3 bouquet. Oh and did we mention that we naturally foraged our milkweed from the Muskoka area? 

Part of the limited edition PRIM CAPSULE COLLECTION.


Includes 1 dried bouquet. Vase not included.


Total height of bouquet: 22 inches. Bouquet width: 12 inches.

Measurements are approximate.


Our natural dried arrangements are best kept out of direct sunlight. With proper care, our bouquets will last for years and years. 

No watering. No worrying.


Every bouquet is handmade and each piece of decor has its own unique beauty, so please use photos as a general reference. Slight variations are to be expected and we love our bouquets even more for their individuality.

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