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This dried collection of pampas grass, palm leaves, and dried decor has been carefully curated with love and the intention to preserve a piece of the world's natural beauty. Living in both Santa Barbara and Orange County, I was captivated by the dynamic beauty of the beach, desert, and mountains. Pampas and Palms, our home decor brand, was inspired by these natural, effortless California vibes. 

Our unique pieces of dried pampas grassdried palms, and arrangements are a sustainable and stunning way to add natural texture and beauty to your home, event, or wedding decor. Rental options and custom designs are available for your next event. All of our pieces in our Pampas and Palms collection are super low maintenance, can easily be restyled for a new look, and they last for years! No watering, no worrying. The world is a beautiful place, and we'd love to share a piece of it with you.